Brief Background of Rwanda Airports Company Ltd (RAC)

RAC is a subsidiary of  "The  Aviation, Travel and Logistics Holding Limited", a Holding  Group wholly owned  by the government of Rwanda. Rwanda Airports Company Ltd  has within its purview the daily management, operation and provision of air navigation services  for all airports in  the country. 

Role of Rwanda Airports Company Ltd

  • Rwanda Airports Company Ltd is committed to promoting  Rwanda's Airports as a prime destination for airlines and diversifying aeronautical and non-aeronautical  revenue  streams.
  • Rwanda Airports Company Ltd will oversee the airport’s commercial activities, including airport concessions and retail businesses, as well as manage air-hub businesses, engineering and infrastructure development.


Rwanda Airports Company Ltd Main Responsibilities

  • The management and monitoring of air space;
  • The management of flight, terminal,  safety and airport operations;
  • The management of airport's commercial activities, airport concessions and retail businesses;
  • The management of facilities.


RAC Strategic Position

  • Mandate: RAC is responsible for airports management and operations as well as provision of air navigation services in Rwanda.
  • Vision: Making Rwanda a continental aviation hub.
  • Mission: Develop world-class airports
  • Motto: Safe and secure airports.

Airports and Airstrips in Rwanda under RAC’s Management


  • Kigali International Airport (KIA)

Kigali International Airport (KIA) revamped to meet international  standards.
The state of the art airport  is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. In the last two  consecutive years, KIA  was ranked amongst the top ten best airports in Africa, based on customer service surveys.
With over $30 million invested during the last three years, the airport has undergone major upgrades featuring a new apron, three taxiways, a hangar and an upcoming upgrade of airfield lighting to CAT II.
KIA is dedicated  to ensuring safety and supporting air navigation services with the latest technology including a state of the art Bird Collision Avoidance System, to eliminate the risk of bird strikes, advanced weather forecasting  instruments and up to date air traffic interface management technologies.

  • Kamembe International Airport (KME)

Kamembe airport is located in the South west of Rwanda and is the spring board to some of the most spectacular tourism attractions the country has to offer. Currently KME is undergoing an upgrade on airfield lighting, meteorological facilities, navaids and power capacity. The airport was also given a major facelift to reinforce the runway and apron. KME currently supports Q400 series aircraft and  serves as an active transiting port tor traders  from neighboring states

  • Gisenyi Airport

Located in  the West of the country, near the economically vibrant town of Rubavu, the airport is one of the main tourist destinations in the country, offering breathtaking views of Lake Kivu


  • Ruhengeri Airstrip:

Located North West of Rwanda and in close proximity of internationally renowned tourism attractions such as the Virunga National Volcanoes  Park, home  to the famous silverback gorillas

  • Butare Airstrip:

provides quick  access to the southern part of the country

  • Nemba Airstrip:

serves travelers seeking personalized  tours in  the south eastern part of the country.